Captain Best Practices

Stonewall Kickball DC appreciates everyone who chooses to serve as a Captain for their team. It is hard work to keep teams organized and this resource is provided for both new and returning Captains to ensure a consistent member experience across the League.

Taking stewardship of a team is a serious commitment of time and energy and should not be taken lightly. By registering as a team captain, members acknowledge acceptance and understanding of these expectations and requirements and failing to take them seriously may result in being asked to step down from captaining a team.

General Expectations

  • Appoint a co-captain that is officially registered with the League.
  • Attend Captains’ Meetings or ensure that a team representative is in attendance.
  • Guide prospective players through the registration process.
  • Ensure that each player on your team is informed of and abiding by League rules and policies.
  • Promote a sense of community within your team.
  • Help facilitate social engagement with other teams and players in the League, in coordination with your Social Chair.
  • Provide the specified number of players as referees for games as assigned.
  • Provide ongoing feedback and communicate any issues to the Executive Board.
  • Encourage and support all teammates to foster an inclusive and unified team.
  • Convey key information regarding all Stonewall Sports games, activities, and events to your team.
  • Lead by example, supporting all Stonewall Kickball DC policies.

Season Checklist

  • Coordinate your team’s registration process, especially with new players and free agents.
  • Assign a Co-Captain, Social Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and DEI Chair.
  • Attend the pre-season Captains’ Meeting.
  • Pick up and distribute SKDC t-shirts to team players.
  • Encourage participation in pre-season umpire clinics, fundamentals clinics, league events, and social mixers.
  • For each game: Write out a kicking order and assign fielding positions.
  • Assign referees for other teams’ games as assigned (See schedule).
  • Assist your Philanthropy Chair in organizing a team fundraiser and/or team volunteer hours, with approval from the Director of Philanthropy + Community Outreach.
  • Provide names of two team players to Conference Leads for All Stars brunch and game.
  • Guide your team through playoffs, explaining tournament structure and providing referees when assigned.
  • Attend the post-season Captains’ Meeting.