Pronouns Matter

In providing safe and inclusive spaces, the importance of recognizing and properly addressing one another is both necessary and imperative to community building. As a step toward building healthy and inclusive communities, Stonewall Kickball DC has incorporated a Name and Pronouns box, located on the front of the player’s shirt. Stonewall Kickball DC encourages players to make use of this space to properly identify themselves and help others around them do the same. Together, we have the ability to transform society to celebrate peoples’ multiple, intersecting identities.

What Are Pronouns?

Pronouns are used to refer to someone in the third person. Pronouns and the societal implications and stereotypes for gender expression and gender identity are often limiting and may result in misgendering someone. Misgendering someone occurs when you intentionally or unintentionally refer to, relate to, or use descriptive language for a person that doesn’t align with their affirmed gender. Misgendering can have a negative impact on self-confidence and mental health, and may result in outing someone to others. It is Stonewall Kickball DC’s hope that the outward sharing of one’s pronouns will make misgendering less likely to occur.

For more on pronouns, please read A Guide To Non-binary Pronouns and Why They Matter on HuffPost Communities.

How Should I Use The Name/Pronoun Box?

The Name/Pronoun box should be used to help others identify and address players respectfully. The name section of the box should include the name which players prefer people to be called but should not include nicknames that others may find offensive.

You may write the name you use to identify yourself or “Ask Me.” The pronouns sections of the box should be used to help others properly refer to and identify players. The use of nicknames and other colloquialisms is not allowed.

You can write any combination of pronouns that affirm your identity (e.g., he/him, she/her, they/them, etc.), “All Pronouns” or “Ask Me.”

Please contact the Director, Diversity, Equity + Inclusion or Conference Leads for questions about filling out the Name/Pronoun box.