Field Safety + Injuries

On-Site Action Steps for Injuries

  1. Encourage the player to minimize movement and keep others from physically moving the player until the injury is evaluated.
  2. Locate a first aid kit as quickly as possible and use supplies as needed (including protective equipment such as gloves.
  3. Determine if emergency medical services (EMS) should be called. Note: there is no charge for EMS to arrive on the scene and they should be called any time, regardless of player input, that leaders think they should be called. EMS are trained medical professionals that will be better able to assess the condition of the player and make recommendations on any advanced care that may be needed and whether the player should go to the hospital.
    1. For life-threatening injuries, call 911 immediately. If EMS has been called, be sure to keep the injured player calm, reassuring them, and keep participants at a distance. Do not attempt to move the player.
    2. For non-life-threatening injuries that still require medical attention, call 311 or (202) 737-4404.
  4. Report the injury, whether it’s life-threatening or not, to a Conference Lead or another member of the Board.

Player privacy is important when an injury occurs. Board members and Captains should make every effort to clear the area or in cases of serious injuries, stop play and vacate participants from the facility as best as possible.