DC Triumphs in Sin City Classic

Queen’s Gambunt and The First Ladies take top honors in the Sin City Classic, winning Division A and Division D championships, respectively. The Sin City Classic is a multi-day LGBTQ+ sports festival whose kickball tournament is hosted annually by Out Loud Sports (OLS) in Las Vegas during the four days prior to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Started in 2008, this event has grown to become the largest annual LGBTQ+ sporting event in the world.

Congratulations to all our DC players!

Queen’s Gambunt


Tim Jucovy (Captain)

  • John Gregory
  • Patrick Herr
  • Nathan Miller
  • Alejandro Contreras
  • Mark Wolak
  • Darren Sokvary
  • Joe Cifrino
  • John Batac
  • Palmer Dickson
  • Jeremy Miller
  • Christian Redmond
  • Jake Jermyn
  • Stephen Lamb
  • Vic Jones

First Ladies


Jacob Hickson (Captain)

  • Scott Murdock
  • Chris Doi
  • Chris Meadows
  • Brent Palmer
  • Harrison Korn
  • Alex Dibblee
  • Chris Hoey
  • Marty Burns
  • Mike Wolfe
  • Robby Mijares
  • Louis Berman
  • Tyler Dullinger
  • Daulton Roach
  • Geoffrey Broadbent