ANC Commissioners Play in Battle of the Circles

Stonewall Kickball DC was proud to host ANC Commissioners from Dupont Circle (ANC2B) and Logan Circle (ANC2F) in a friendly, cross-town rivalry game at Stead Park.  Commissioners were playing in their individual, unofficial capacities.  Head Umpire William Dennis provided the Commissioners with a crash course in kickball before getting started.  Stonewall Kickball All-Stars helped to round out the ANC teams while Director of Philanthropy & Community Outreach officiated the game.  Well done to all the Commissioners (ANC2FGuggenmos (Coach, 02) Romanowski (01), Yan (03) and Joseph (05, MVP); ANC2B Roggensack (01, Coach) Herbig (05), Holden (08),Silverstein (06, MVP) and Sacco (ED).

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