Spring 2018 Divisions & Teams

Nellie’s Division (A) Local 16 Division (B) Cobalt Division (C) Number Nine Division (D)
Field of Kweenz Ball Busters Bubble Bunts Choke on My Kick
Kick it and Quit it (KIQI) Basic Pitches Faces Loaded Ellen’s Degenerates
Kicks Out For The Boys! (KOFTB) Just the Tip! Freeballers HMK
Resting Pitch Face (RPF) Monumount Me Oprah Winfrey Stunt Queens
S.Q.U.A.D. PUTI Slide It In The First Ladies
Sit On My Base The Real Housegays of DC The Multiple Scoregasms
The Mighty Tucks The Swallows The Pounding Fathers
Thin Mints The Secret Servicers

Congratulations to our Fall 2017 Division Winners earning $750 to their team charity selection:

Field of Kweenz (Nellie’s Division), I’d Kick That (Local 16 Division), Swallows (Cobalt Division), Stunt Queens (Number Nine Division)

Congratulations to Field of Kweenz (Overall Fall 2017 Champions) and to Slide It In (Johnson Conference Fall 2017 Champions) for earning $1500 and $1000, respectively, for their team charities!