Support the Movement

Mass protests in DC and in cities and towns across the United States and around the world give us renewed hope that fundamental reforms are possible to realize true racial equality and justice and an end to systemic racism in the United States (see our statement on the George Floyd murder here). This will require more than marching in the streets. It will require long-term support to the many local and national organizations that are doing the pivotal work everyday to effect these necessary changes.

Below is a list of local and national organizations to which you may consider making a donation. In the coming days, the SKDC leadership team will announce a league donation in this regard. We also have provided links to local Black-owned businesses and restaurants open during COVID-19. We encourage everyone to support Black-owned companies in our region.


Local DMV and/or DMV-based nonprofit organizations with a national footprint:


DC Black-owned restaurants open during COVID-19:

DC Black (Black-owned business directory):

Resources for Baltimore and Greater Maryland (from Stonewall Baltimore):


How to Protest Safely in the age of COVID-19.