Support As You Are.

We have recently been made aware of a neighborhood campaign to push the ANC 6b to protest As You Are.’s ABRA (liquor) license. Below is a draft of a support letter in response to this campaign (as well as a list of ANC 6b commissioners). As a supporter and constituent your voice carries a lot of weight. We know there is great support for As You Are. being an establishment in this community and we need your voices to be heard! There is a full ANC meeting on January 11th (7pm). Jo and Rach will be attending all these meetings and speaking in defense, as will their lawyer. Showing numbers will assist in proving to the commissioners their constituents and the district wants As You Are. at 500 8th St. SE.

Please, CC on your emails to commissioners so they can collect the receipts of support in case it is needed in future proceedings.

Dear Commissioners:

It has come to our attention that a group identifying themselves as “neighbors” of As You Are, the new establishment at 500 8th Street, SE, has contacted you to express their unhappiness with the owners’ efforts to work out a Settlement Agreement with the ANC. It is important for you to understand that this group does not speak for all neighbors. 

We are among the dozens if not hundreds of As You Are supporters in the ANC and city-wide. We are writing to express our wholehearted support of bringing this badly needed, safe and inclusive space to our neighborhood to provide nightlife options to the underserved LGBTQ community on Capitol Hill. We want to applaud the efforts that this establishment has made to do outreach in the community. They even took the extra step of hosting a Q&A session with neighbors about the intended operations. To date the owners have proven to be both proactive and transparent.

This is the type of business that we want in this neighborhood. Their efforts to date demonstrate that they should be welcomed with open arms. We understand that ANC Commissioners are accountable to and must represent their constituents. Like the neighbors who sent the earlier email, we are your constituents.  We are asking that you give this small business a fair shake. They should not be punished for the actions of prior owners, nor should they be constrained by the business model of previous failed businesses.

Please do not allow this process to be hijacked or the ANC used as a proxy for neighbors’ self-interest. The ANC should be representing all of the residents, not just the ones who complain the loudest. Neighbors who are truly concerned about this establishment can file their own protest. We will attend the ABC Committee meeting on January 6 to be sure our voices are heard, as well. We also plan to be present and voice our wholehearted support at the full ANC Meeting on Tuesday, January 11th.

Thank you, 

Commissioners’ Emails

Meeting Details

Below are the details and links for the meetings I spoke about in my previous email. They are all virtual.

The ANC 6B Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Committee meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, January 6, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. *Meeting link at the bottom of this notice. This committee will make a recommendation to ANC 6B.

  • ABRA-119693: ZOCA-Capitol Hill DC, LLC t/n: ZOCA & Crush by ZOCA, 319 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.: New Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant: Applicant: Jeff Jackson: (202) 251-1566,; Petition Deadline: 01/18/22 [6B01]
  • ABRA-119954:  RRG Catering LLC. t/n: Rose’s at Home, 721 8th Street, S.E.: Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant, Applicant: Stephen O’Brien, Esq: (202) 625-7700,; Petition Deadline: 01/31/22 [6B03]
  • ABRA-119997:  As You Are LLC. t/n: As You Are, 500 8th Street, S.E.: Retailer’s Class “C” Tavern, Applicant: Jordan Chapman: (703) 296-5219,; Petition Deadline: 02/07/22 [6B04]
The ANC 6B meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 @ 7:00PM. *Meeting link at the bottom of this notice. At this meeting, the Commission will take a position on the application to send to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. It is important for you to attend these meetings to answer any comments or questions that may arise pertaining to the Commission’s support of or opposition to your request. The ANC’s full January 2022 agenda is currently available at

Meeting Links

  • ANC 6B Full Commission Meeting – Tuesday, January 11 @7:00PM