Team Fundraising and Charity Guidelines

Congratulations to Kick Tease for raising the most money during the Fall 2017 Season for their charity through their event Cornhole for a Cause! This season, we will be donating an additional $1000 to the charity of the team who raises the most money from their fundraiser!

Team Charity Requirements

  • Every season, each team plays on behalf of a charity of their choice. Charities must meet the following criteria:
    • 501(c)3 classification
    • Primary work occurs within the DC metro area
    • LGBTQ friendly
  • $5,500 will be presented by the league to the teams for:
    • Division regular season champions: $750 per division
    • Playoff champions: $1,500 for overall champion, $1,000 for Johnson Conference champion.
  • In the event a team desires for SK-DC to partner with another organization, and use the SK-DC logo, the following must be met:
    • The SK-DC logo may only be used for promotion of tickets to said event.
    • The SK-DC logo must be positioned as a secondary logo on all promotional items, graphics, eblasts, etc.
    • Contact during planning of the event.


Team Fundraising Requirements

  • Each team is required to raise at minimum $250 for charity per season. Teams can decide how to raise the minimum, whether through:
    • fundraising events,
    • collecting money from players,
    • food or clothing drives, etc.
  • Teams must provide donation receipts to and
  • For teams that do not raise the $250 minimum by June 20, 2018, they must reach out with an explanation to the league Commissioner, their Division Lead, and the Events Director. Leadership retains the right to withhold returning player status for entire membership if their team does not meet the requirement.
  • Teams must follow the guidelines below in the “Event Guidelines” section when hosting fundraising events.
  • If you would like a custom donation link for your event, please contact


Team Fundraising and Social Events — Process and Basics

  • Events created by SK-DC teams and their respective players are not officially sanctioned events of the league.
    • Therefore, these are not covered by the Stonewall Kickball-DC liability insurance.
  • When creating a fundraising or social event that you wish to be held at a bar or restaurant, our premium league sponsors get first right of refusal for any official Stonewall Kickball-DC league events or team fundraisers.
  • Please follow the following process for fundraising events:
    • Inform the league Events Director and pertinent division lead at the following:
      • Date, time, type, and general summary of event
    • The Division Lead and Events Director will then work to ensure minimal conflicts for the event. The date of your event must be confirmed before outreach to sponsors starts.
    • When planning an event, Nellie’s, Number Nine, Local 16 and Cobalt should be contacted first
    • If these venues are unavailable or do not meet the them of your events, please consider our other sponsors — the DC Eagle, Dupont Italian Kitchen, Dirty Goose, Hawthorne, Duplex, and Shaw’s Tavern. Please CC your Division Lead and Events Director on all communications to sponsors so that they can help manage our professional relationships and are aware of logistics.
    • Bar/restaurant events held at non-sponsor venues will not be credited for the Fundraising requirement unless approved in advance by the Division Lead and Events Director based on specific justification (ie, why a sponsor venue was not suitable).
    • Bar/restaurant events held at non-sponsors will not be advertised in leaguewide communications from leadership.
    • Questions on any of the above should be directed to the league Events Director at


Community Service Rewards System

  • Community Service Points system will work as follows:
    • The team with the most overall hours of volunteering will receive $1500 towards their charity, with the second place team receiving $750 and the third place team receiving $250.
    • For each official Stonewall volunteering event (e.g. 17th Street Festival), total volunteer hours per team will be tracked.
    • If your team wishes to do independent volunteering for a community nonprofit meeting the Team Charity Requirements, the process is the following:
    • At the end of the season, the total number of hours of officially league sanctioned events plus approved independently planned volunteered events will be used to determine the winners.