#SlayHer Charity Ball Part 4 by Ball Scouts & PUTI

Just when you thought it was done, the SLAY HER Charity Ball is Back and you’re all invited!!!!!! P.U.T.I. and Ball Scouts presents #SLAYHER Charity Ball Part 4. I know you’re gagging…I mean we bring it to you every balllllll!!!!
Time to once again grab your heels, wigs, fans, dresses, makeup and have a great time. You just might snatch a trophy!!
This event has a suggested donation of at least $10.00 with ALL proceeds go directly to The National Black Justice Coalition and The Hustlers Guild!
Interested in participating? All we ask is that you read the category description below and bring it to the runway OFFICIALLY.
Trophies will be awarded to the winner of each category and special prizes awarded for certain categories, so be on point.
  1. Butch Queen Team Realness ( Sports Bros): You and your “bro” are supposedly headed to the Nats game but really headed to play with each other’s bats. Bring forward a team of 2 wearing sports attire from any sport. Hats, jerseys, scarves, shirts etc. 2 Trophies
  2. Butch Queen In Drag Realness: (The Shopping Spree): You’ve been out all day maxing out your Sugar Daddy’s cards. Bring it down the runway carrying shopping bags. 1 Trophy
  3. Butch Queen European Runway (Phantom of the Runway ): Bring us a nasty runway walk with your entire face concealed. Reveal yourself once you’ve eliminated the competition and snatched the trophy! 1 Trophy
  4. Female Figure Runway (Something Wicked This Way Comes): Bring it down the runway wearing all black and don’t forget that wicked runway walk. 1 Trophy (This is an inclusive category for all fem presenting persons including cis women, drag queens and non binary individuals )
  5. Fall Basic Bitch Realness: Totes Love PSL’s, Uggs, Michael Kors bags and shop at LuluLemon? Bring your best impersonation of a Basic Bitch or Basic Bro. 1 Trophy.
  6. Open to All Face: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the prettiest of them all? Bring it to the judges with a hand mirror and show them why you’re the prettiest thing in the room. 2 Trophies (1 masculine presenting and 1 feminine presenting figure)
  7. Butch Queen Vogue Fem: “I’m so into voguing right now!” Come give us a show stopping vogue fem performance and remember it’s called a DIP not a Shablam or Death Drop. 1 Trophy.
  8. Get That Bitch: Doesn’t matter the category, if you see someone in the audience you want to battle. Call her out and #SlayHer!!!! But watch out…you might get CHOPPED! 1 Trophy
  9. Open to All Sex Siren: (Keep relying on that bodyyy!!): Think you’re hot stuff? Come show off that sexiness to the judges. 2 Trophies (1 male figure and 1 female figure)
  10. Butch Queen Up in Pumps (The Corporate C.E.hOe): Bring it down the runway dressed as if you’re going into work (Blue or white collar) but don’t forget those pumps. Think Wall Street or construction workers with a touch Street Walker. 1 Trophy
  11. 11. Fan Pop: Who’s the fairest fan popper of them all?? You’ll be given and song and must pop on beat to eliminate your competition. Be on point or be chopped. 1 trophy.
  12. 12. Realness As A House/Team: Tonight we want you to gather 4 or more of your friends and bring it down the runway in the theme of your choice. Examples: Picnic at the park realness, Sleepover realness, Christmas morning realness and so on. Which team will bring us the best theme? 1 Trophy.
Have A Question… Call Ricki Lake…or contact Keo Coleman or Donta Gonzalez
I hope you’re all prepared to #SLAYHER……..AGAIN!!!!