Complaints + Sanctions

Anyone who witnesses a violation of a Chapter policy or code of conduct at a Chapter function should report the incident to an available Officer.  If an Officer is not available, the incident should be reported to one of the Conference Leads and/or the Commissioner.  Officers will convey complaints to the Advisory Committee.

Following an allegation of misconduct of a member, the Advisory Committee will be consulted, and the Commissioner, in consultation with the Advisory Committee will determine if the allegation is within the jurisdiction of the League. If so, the Advisory Committee will conduct the necessary investigations and carry out any required actions to resolve the complaint.

If warranted, the Commissioner will carry out any sanctions determined to be appropriate by the Advisory Committee. Sanctions may include verbal warnings, written warnings, suspensions and, if the violation is repetitive or particularly egregious, expulsion from the Chapter, including but not limited to sport, social, and philanthropic events.

If expelled, a player will not be refunded any registration fees. If a member is expelled from the Chapter, they will remain ineligible to become a member again for at least one full year at which time the Advisory Committee may reassess the individual’s suitability for membership.