Bus Schedule

SKDC Regular Season Sunday Bus Schedule: Spring 2018

Depart Stead (17/Church)                       Depart Francis Field (25/N)

12 pm                                                     n/a

1:20 pm                                                  2 pm

2:20 pm                                                  3 pm

n/a                                                          4 pm



  1. Return trips from Francis will stop at Number Nine (15/P) before returning to Stead.
  2. There will be no bus service on Sunday, April 1 due to Easter.
  3. The bus schedule will be different on Sunday, April 8 due to our revised game schedule (to accommodate dodgeball playoffs) that day.
  4. On Sundays when the afterparty is not at Cobalt (e.g., 3/25 at Nellie’s and 5/13 at Town), there will be at least one bus loop to our afterparty.
  5. Note that the first bus will depart Stead on the hour (not :20 past the hour) to allow time for field setup at Francis. 

As always, thank you to O’Brien Bus Service for their tremendous service!