Registration Information


2018 Sunday Spring Season Registration Process

League Basics

  • Up to thirty-two (32) teams, depending on team sizes.
  • Four (4) divisions organized by level of competition. Teams will be placed based primarily on captain’s selection (though in light of last season’s record). Teams will mostly play teams within their division, with occasional games against teams in adjacent divisions. Playoffs will be split — one set of playoffs for the Johnson Conference and one for the Milk Conference/overall.
  • Minimum of eighteen (18) registered and paid players to be considered a team; thirty (30) players maximum per team, although teams with more than 30 players in Fall 2017 may carry up to their total from last season. (This can happen at any point during the registration process.  x. 18 returning, 15 returning + 3 guaranteed, 15 returning + 3 new, 18 new, etc.)
  • All groups must get 18 paid and captain approved players to become a team.
  • If a team doesn’t achieve 18 paid and captain approved players by end of registration, then players may be placed into free agent status or combined with other free agents to make team status.
  • League maximum is 704, at which point registration will close and waitlist will open.
  • Although there is a minimum of 18 players per team, teams should be prepared to have at least 22
(Note: this does not mean that teams MUST have 22 players. If there are unassigned new players after registration, teams may be asked to pick up additional players. If this is the case, teams with fewer than 22 players will be asked first.)
  • Season 11 Stonewall Dodgeball players who complete form prior to February 12 receive $5 credit off the cost of registration.


Registration Process

  • Go to then click “Register” at the top of the page.


Returning Player Registration:  Monday, February 12 from 10:00am ET – 6:00pm ET.

  • Returning player registration fee is $50.00 (plus $2.60 processing fee from Leagueapps).
  • “Returning Player” = Registered players, on a team, for the Fall 2017 Season of Stonewall Kickball – DC (Sunday only) or the immediate previous season of a Stonewall Kickball league outside of Washington, D.C.
  • Any player can start a group of their own or join an existing one. When a group reaches 18 captain approved paid members, the group can request team status.
  • Each day, captains should review the player roster of those signing up for their team — any corrections can be sent to
  • At the end of (and during) Returning Player Registration, the Leadership Team will scrub lists against prior season rosters and will remove players not eligible to register that day. Teams that are officially promoted and have players removed during this process may be demoted to group status if they drop below the 18 eligible players minimum.

Guaranteed Invitee Registration: Monday, February 12 after 6:00pm ET.

  • Guaranteed Invitee Registration Fee is $60.00 (plus $2.60 processing fee from Leagueapps) . Three types of guaranteed players:

1. Groups/teams that have at least 15 returning players on day 1 (or as determined by leadership) are eligible to invite up to 3 guaranteed new players.

  • This registration is solely for those new players who:
    • (a) attended and signed in at at least ONE of the following FIVE events: (i) the SK-DC Spring 2018 Informational Meeting on February 7 at sponsor Nellie’s, (ii) the Fundamentals Clinic on February 10 at Stead, (iii) the SK-DC New Player Meet & Greet on February 10 at sponsor Duplex, (iv) the New Player Brunch on February 11 at sponsor Dupont Italian Kitchen, or (v) the Informal Recruiting Event on February 11 at Nellie’s;
    • (b) spoke with an eligible captain (or a captain’s designee) of a team and have an expressed invitation to join their team; and
    • (c) signed the registration form at the event, or were identified as a guaranteed player by an eligible captain by email to prior to February 12 at 6 pm

2. Thursday players who are not returning Sunday players will be treated as guaranteed players for Sunday registration — i.e., they will be registered automatically and not need to sign up as free agents — if they:

  • Sign in at any of the five events listed above;
  • Present proof at that time that they played on Thursdays at Stead in Fall 2017; and
    • Either have approval from a Sunday captain to join an existing team (15 or more players), OR are part of a group of approximately 15 or more consisting of other Thursday players and/or returning Sunday players (i.e., returning and/or Thursday players who are forming a new team).
  • Thursday players added through this system will not count toward a team’s cap of 3 guaranteed players.

3. Up to 15 new players who attend and sign in at the SK-DC Volunteer Event on February 12 at 6 pm at Whitman-Walker will be treated as guaranteed players and will be signed up as free agents (or on a team with captain approval — not counted toward the 3 guaranteed player/team cap).


Open Registration: Tuesday, February 13 at 6pm ET, and Wednesday, February 14 at 10 am ET.

  • Open Registration Fee is $60.00 (plus $2.60 processing fee from Leagueapps).
  • The Leadership Team will evenly divide the number of available slots remaining into two groups and make them available in the times mentioned (or until capacity is met).
  • New players can join a group or team with approval from the captain.
  • Those new players who do not join a team or aren’t selected for a team will be entered as a free agent.


Friends Registration: Opens February 15 at 10 am ET.

  • Friends Registration Fee is $25.00 (plus $2.60 processing fee from Leagueapps).
  • May register as a Friend of SKDC or a Friend of a specific team.
  • Entitled to selected player benefits (e.g., bus transportation and open bar at the closing party).


Free Agent Selection

  • Free Agent Social: Thursday, February 15 at 7 pm at 801 Restaurant and Bar (affiliated with sponsor Shaw’s Tavern)
  • Captains wishing to select free agents may send their selections before the free agent social to or can select players at the free agent social.
  • For any free agent not selected at the Free Agent Social, the Leadership Team will work to have them placed on a team; however, free agents should recognize that it is primarily their responsibility to join a team. If in the event the Leadership Team is unable to place a free agent, the free agent’s registration fee will be refunded.


Please email us at with any questions.


Helpful Steps through the registration system:

Step 1: Go to and click “Register” at the top of the page.

Step 2: Under top level, hover over “League Registration” and then click on Kickball from the drop down menu.

Step 3: On right side: click Register. Select appropriate option: Free Agent, Team Captain, and Team Player.


For Team Captains

Step 1: Enter Account information, or log in.

Step 2: Enter Team Name, Player Information, Read and Agree to Waiver, and Click Register for Season

Step 3: Enter Payment Information. Click Pay Securely for Registration and Go to Final Confirmation Page.


For Team Players

Step 1: Enter Account Information, or log in.

Step 2: Select Team (Note: A Team Captain must create the team before players can register for it).  Enter player information, read and agree to waiver. Click Register for Season

Step 3: Enter Payment Information. Click Pay Securely for Registration and Go to Final Confirmation Page.


For Free Agents

Step 1: Enter Account Information, or log in.

Step 2: Enter Player information, read and accept waiver. Click Register for Season

Step 3: Enter Payment Information. Click Pay Securely for Registration and Go to Final Confirmation Page.